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All claims are processed through our local Woodstock office by either an In-house Adjuster or an experienced Independent Adjuster whom are licensed and insured.

In the event of a loss (Large or Small) or even a potential loss, please notify the Company immediately either through your agent or contacting us directly.

Please be ready to provide your policy number, contact information, date loss occurred, description of the loss or damage, and location of the loss.

To contact your agent:   Locate Agent

To contact Shenandoah Mutual:

(540) 459-3421

(800) 757-6342

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After filing the report . . . .

A claims representative will contact you soon at the telephone number you provided to arrange an appointment.  If you are not able to stay in your home, please share your temporary address and phone number with your agent or claims representative so we can stay in touch with you.

In a disaster situation, a team of claims representatives will work in your area. We intend to make initial contact with each affected property owner within several days after a claim is filed. However, in major disasters, with hundreds of homes destroyed or badly damaged, it may take us a little longer to contact policyholders. We appreciate your patience.

Take measures to protect and clean up your property

There are several things you can do before the claims representative arrives at your property:

  1. Use plywood, tarps or other temporary materials to cover broken windows and damaged roofs. This will prevent further damage from inclement weather. Share with your claims representative copies of bills and receipts for all of these materials/services.
  2. Separate damaged and undamaged property, and protect the undamaged property from further injury. Also begin to compile a list of the damaged items.
  3. If you have access to a camera, take photographs of damage to your structure and the damaged personal property. Give a set of the photographs to your claims representative.

 Help in answering questions

 We understand this can be a difficult time, marked by uncertainty and anxiety. Most people who file a Loss Report are unfamiliar with the claim process. Common questions are answered on the Claim FAQ’s section of this site. If your question is still unanswered or you need more information, please contact the claims representative.

Compile an inventory of your damaged personal property

You will need to compile a list of personal property damaged. To download personal property inventory sheets, click here. The list should be as complete and accurate as possible. We understand this can be a time-consuming and emotional task, but do the best you can. A well-done list speeds up the claim process. After you complete the list, provide a copy to your claims representative.

Acquiring estimates and selecting a contractor

You will most likely be required to provide the claims representative with 2 itemized estimates for repairs of your loss. It is your responsibility to select contractors and arrange for these estimates. It is usually best to select a local contractor or repair service; someone from the area, who is insured, bonded, carries workers compensation and liability and who gives you a written guarantee. The claims representative will also assist you with selecting a contractor if you need this assistance.

Medicare & Medicaid Information Form

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency that oversees the Medicare program. Many Medicare beneficiaries have other insurance in addition to their Medicare benefits. Sometimes, Medicare is supposed to pay after the other insurance. However, if certain other insurance delays payment, Medicare may make a “conditional payment” so as not to inconvenience the beneficiary, and recover after the other insurance pays. Read more about this program here.

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