Farm Equipment & Livestock

Farm Equipment Insurance

Shenandoah Mutual insures farm machinery, vehicles, tools, supplies and equipment of all kinds belonging to the insured within 100 miles of the farm premises. We offer coverage for borrowed machinery, vehicles and equipment of others as well. We can insure the property as a blanket coverage or specifically cover individual items for a specified amount. Today’s farms often include heavy equipment such as back-hoes, truck spreaders, or even bull dozers. Shenandoah Mutual has the ability to insure these as well.

Shenandoah Mutual insures livestock belonging to the insured within 100 miles of the farm premises as well. Livestock includes cattle, sheep, swine, horses and goats to name a few. We offer coverage for other unique animals as well. This coverage protects you against loss from fire; lightning; windstorm or hail; explosion; vehicles or aircraft; smoke; vandalism; theft; collision; electrocution; collapse of buildings, bridges or culverts; accidental shooting; drowning; and dogs or wild animals.

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